ABCO, Inc. uses the popular design-build process by answering the client's wish for a single point of responsibility to complete their desired project. This unique approach helps reduce risks and overall building costs, and reduces the total delivery schedule.

Through a highly trained network of qualified design and building professionals, ABCO takes the lead responsibility of each facet of the building process managing the subcontractors, consultants and vendors, and involving them throughout the project, start to finish.

VAULT Storage Building

Our design-build step by step process:


In our initial consultation, will discuss your project ideas, scope, and investment expectations. We want to make sure we're both on the same page with every aspect of your project.

Concept Development

This is where we translate your needs and wants into a tangible concept, and discuss more specifically the criteria and costs involved in your project.

Project Assessment

Project assessment goes a step further in detailing the specific purpose and uses of the space in your building project, and how to best utilize that space.

Refining Architectural Design

Refining the architectural design of the project assures that the new building will fit the intended space and conform logically to the land it sits on. 

Construction Phase

The construction phase is where the magic of design-built is put into action, as a building concept becomes a reality! Your project will be constructed by a highly ingenious team of contractors and subcontractors, all spearheaded by a dedicated group of project managers focused on bringing your project to a successful completion.

After the Build Commitment

ABCO's after the build commitment is just as strong as our initial dedication, insuring that final inspections are completed, and your highest expectations are met in every way. We stand firmly behind every building, every structure, and every detail of our work.